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How Do Annuity Rates Really Compare With CDs?

Annuity Rates Compared to CD RatesMany insurance providers sell fixed annuities as an alternative to bank certificates of deposit, with guaranteed interest rates for a fixed period of time and the primary goal of principal protection. Yet as easy as it is to compare bank CD rates across the nation, it can be a real challenge to try to find out about annuity rates without working directly with an insurance agent. There are some reasons why getting annuity rate information can be tricky, but it’s still possible to get a sense of how much higher annuity rates are compared to CDs and whether fixed annuities therefore make sense for you. Let’s take a closer look at the challenges of the annuity market and how annuities compare to CDs.

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Planning to live into your 90s? Consider a longevity annuity

Longevity Annuity ContractWant to improve your retirement readiness? Then consider — especially if you expect to live past age 90 — investing in a qualifying longevity annuity contract, QLAC for short.

Yes, we know. Most people think: A QLAC is an annuity and all annuities are bad, if not worse than bad.

But before you dismiss this advice, consider research just published by the Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI), a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit research institute based in Washington, D.C.

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