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The commercial real estate market can be fairly complex, making it important to keep up on developments and industry trends on a regular basis. Instead of sifting through multiple news sources, commercial real estate data is always at your fingertips with InvestmentHeadlines.US. Offering a comprehensive snapshot into the commercial real estate market, investment opportunities, and relevant market data like interest rates and market opportunities, you have easy access to a wide range of resources from the top financial new sources including The Wall Street Journal,, and National Real Estate Investor. Collecting everything you need to know in one place, InvestmentHeadlines.US provides all of the commercial real estate industry news that you need most.


Crowdfunding Breathes New Life into Commercial Real Estate

Crowd FundingThe powerful rise of social networking has led to the phenomenon of crowdfunding. The popular social tool allows average individuals to pool money together in support of ideas and concepts for future products and services. Crowdfunding has helped video game developers produce games that were ignored by major developers and even launch tech gadgets. Common examples include jewelry and virtual-reality headsets.

Now, crowdfunding is quietly moving into a new sector of the economy: commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate crowdfunding is breathing new life into an industry that has struggled in recent years as property values plummeted, credit lines tightened, and investors held onto their money. The rise of commercial real estate crowdfunding represents a natural evolution of the online investing platform that matches smaller-scale investors with property developers and managers looking to take advantage of a wide variety of real estate investing opportunities.

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Medical Tourism and Captive Hotels

Medical TourismA brief tour around the hospitality industry would show many different hotel and motel properties that have a focus on a particular market niche of business or leisure traveler. For instance, it would be logical for a hotel in Page, Arizona to focus on travelers to the Grand Canyon. They might style their d├ęcor and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE) to mimic the colors or topography of that natural resource.

The same focus and marketing effort goes into the Medical Tourism Industry and hospitality properties that support this unique industry. In the past, thousands of people would travel to the United States to take advantage of our higher standard of medical care. While this dynamic remains in place, it is now just as common to see citizens of this country traveling to other parts of the world for medical procedures and treatment. The cost of medical care in the United States and the fact that some cutting edge procedures have yet to be approved in this country, have contributed to the creation of treatment facilities and associated lodging options in many other areas of the world. For instance, some cancer treatments, plastic surgeries and experimental hormone therapies are not available in the United States so patients travel to places such as Mexico, Costa Rica, India or Israel. In many instances, due to the critical nature of the medical condition, extended wait times in the United States drive patients to seek the same treatment elsewhere. We are at a point where virtually every aspect of health care including physical and psychological conditions can be included in a medical tourism package.

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