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10 Investment Predictions for 2030

Investing in 2030This is what investing may look like in 15 years, according to our experts.

Think back 15 yeas to the year 2000 – the dawn of a new millennium. Once Wall Street shook its fears about the Y2K computer crash, it was on to figuring out what to do about the dot-com bubble. Yet in hindsight, this digital era was entirely absent of tablets, smartphones and even Apple iPods (which wouldn’t come along until 2001).

So if we fast-forward to 2030 – 15 years from the present – what will trading look like? What disruptive technologies might enter the picture? Will some of today’s hot stocks remain that way? Any big surprises on the horizon?

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Seniors a ‘bulls-eye’ for scams uncovered by the states

Seniors a Bullseye for Retirement ScamsAbout a quarter of the enforcement actions brought by state securities regulators last year that track victims by age involved alleged scams targeting senior citizens.

In a new report, the North American Securities Administrators Association found that cases affecting the elderly included on average three senior victims per case.

Most of these cases involved sales of unregistered investments and affinity fraud, where crooks solicit money from identifiable groups like retiree communities or ethnic organizations. They often pose as a member of that group.

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Is a 401k Rollover Always a Good Idea?

401k RolloverA 401k rollover is often pitched as a smart way for you to take more direct control of your retirement money once you leave your job. Unfortunately, though, that pitch frequently comes from a financial advisor who stands to profit based on how much of your money you’re willing to hand over.

Despite the reality that executing a 401k rollover can indeed be a shrewd move, it’s not always the best choice when you leave a job. Whether or not it makes sense for you depends on several factors. Key ones include:

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